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K-2 Grading

Kindergarten, First, and Second use a standards based grading policy. 

The report card grading key uses numbers 1-4 to report progress toward mastery for a grade-level
standard listed on the report card. Since a student may perform differently based on the standard being evaluated,
it is expected that a student’s report card may have some standards marked as 2 (Approaching Standard) and others
marked as 3 (Meeting Standard) or 2 (Below Standard).

The 4-point, standards-based scale cannot be equated to a letter grading scale or a mathematical percentage of
mastery. For example a 2 does not indicate mastery of 50% of the skills or content for the reporting period.

K-2 Parent Tips: Understanding Your Child’s Report Card

3-5 Grading

Beginning the 3rd grade year students will receive letter grades:
A  90-100
B  80-89
C  70-79
D  60-69
U  Below 69

Grades will be determined based on classwork, tests/quiz/exit ticket, and project based learning. Grades should always reflect the work ethic of the student.